Jeremy Pemberton
Southwell, Notts

Bio: Civil Celebrant, Church of England priest, senior lay clerk at Southwell Minster, father of five, married to my husband, activist for LGBT equality in church and community. Views here entirely my own.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello
    Was so nice to have met both you and Lawrence earlier today. Thank you once again for allowing AKT to become the beneficary, it really will make such a difference to many of those young people we help.

    I have been checking our records and only have the hospital address, so as you mentioned you had moved on from there, was wondering whether you could provide me with your current contact details so that we can keep in touch and keep you abreast of all AKT activities.

    Warmest Regards


  2. I did not find a contact so I leaving this here. Please forgive if it is inappropriate. I believe it is time to move to denouncing the assumed “right” of the church to make any policy regarding anatomy, whether it be race or individual gender or the mix of genders in a relationship. I believe it is time to stand up against the assumed right to make and enforce ethics save those which concern violence against another being (no, a creative definition of “violence” is not ethical). (I have a cold today so this is not worded as best as possible) thank you for your time.


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